Green Genie Has BREEZE Canna THC Vapes

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user looking to switch it up from traditional flower consumption or a beginner looking to start with a more familiar vape experience, the wide selection of BREEZE Canna vapes offered at our Green Genie Redford and Dearborn Heights locations has something to satisfy your needs.


BREEZE Canna: Full Flavor. Full Effect.

With the goal of making every smoking experience a BREEZE, the people over at BREEZE Canna have developed the most user-friendly devices they could dream up. Disposable with no pods or buttons, each vape comes charged for immediate use. There is no need to refill or recharge – when the vape is done, you simply dispose and move on! Inside each device is potent cannabis concentrate in the flavor of your choice, including:


BREEZE Canna Classic Flavors

The classic THC vapes are classic for a good reason! Offered in colors and flavors to match anyone’s preference, consumers can also choose the right vape for their desired effects. Grab a Banana Orange Smoothie for a relaxing experience, or try Strawberry Cream for a pleasant uplift in your mood. The depth of flavor in each of the cannabis concentrated oils is rich and satisfying, and you can always feel confident that the quality of the oil is top-notch.

BREEZE Canna Live Resin Vapes

What could be better than a classic BREEZE vape with live resin? What exactly is live resin? Usually, concentrates are extracted from dried and cured flower. Live resin is cannabis concentrate extracted from flower that has been harvested and immediately frozen. This type of concentrate is known to typically be very potent in both flavor and strength due to the terpenes and cannabinoids being preserved through the “fresh frozen” process. BREEZE Canna live resin vapes are full-spectrum sativa, indica, and hybrid to suit your individual wants and needs.

BREEZE Canna 510 Carts

For the more discerning, preferential consumer, BREEZE Canna has 510 vape cartridges as well! “510” refers to the thread specification of the screw that connects the battery and the cartridge. These cartridges come in a selection of fruity flavors and connect to the 400mAh, type-C charging 510 battery.

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Awesome new location! This marijuana dispensary has it all! Flower, edibles, and huge selection of vapes. Service is great and low prices. Would definitely recommend. Green Genie will always be the best dispensary in Detroit.

Megan L

Super impressed with this location. The bud tenders were very helpful, and knowledgeable. I’m new to wax and not only was their selection unbelievable, but the girls were able to help me select the perfect item. I was very impressed also by the helpful and pleasant security. Over all a wonderful experience, beautiful store, unparalleled selection of products, and prices that will make you wonder why you ever went to another dispensary. No matter how far the drive it’s worth it.

Angela W

They always have good bud, and they have great deals!!! This has been my primary place to go since I found it! We drive for ~30min to get here because we can always get our bud for a good price. They really helped us out. Thank you! 🙂

Hailey M

Inkster, MI

Allen Park, MI

Birmingham, MI

Southgate, MI

Ferndale, MI